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January 4, 2013
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Pony's Best Friend by Silent-x-Sketch Pony's Best Friend by Silent-x-Sketch
Who says you have to be a man to have a dog for a best friend?
I'm not too proud of this, but I like some things about it.
The background killed it. x3 Not the best with backgrounds ;o;
Tried to draw as much attention to the characters as I could.
Anyway, I got this idea from actions I've done when I was little, I had a dog and he was like my best friend. I'd literally sit outside for hours just with him lying his head on my lap. (He was a German Shepherd Pitt Bull mix, so he couldn't really fit on my lap xD.) But yeah, I'd cry on him all the time, I'd tell him my secrets. He was my best friend. He died from being posioned after he got loose from my yard one day. R.I.P. Buddy <3
But, yes. Applejack and Winona~! I always loved Winona, she's like.. adorable and always energetic. ;o; Except here of course.
Art - Mine
Characters - Applejack, Winona, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic all belong to Hasbro
I think this is literally the best pic Iv seen on deviantart, not because of the artwork itself but because dogs just kill me with how they unconditionally love and they can be anyone's best friend and they're extremely loyal. My Little Pony is my favorite thing to have ever have happened so combine the two.... 
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